This page is for every Character who has appeared in the La Dee Da series! Please click on the name links for more information focusing solely on that character.


  • Dee - The main character of La Dee Da. A sixteen year old fashion school student, she and her friends started their own fashion line after the sweet themed party they had for her. She's a friendly girl with just a bit of sass and adoration of her friends.
  • Tylie - The most colorful girl in the group! A perky girl who always has to keep her hands busy. She may stress easily but expect her outfits to be outstanding!
  • Cyanne - The hairstyle queen! Cyanne is the youngest in the group but she has perfected the art of making quick rinse hair dyes and usually can be found taking items out of the refrigerator to find a way to use it as an ingredient!
  • Sloane - The oldest and smartest of the group, Sloane is very trendy and talented, especially with acessories. She is a total sweetie with a personality to match, though she has a tomboy streak in her too.
  • Le Bun - Dee's fashionable little pooch with his own resources to find the latest trends and fashions!

Minor CharactersEdit

Characters that have made an appearance but may not star in a big role compaired to the main cast.

  • Design Bandit - A thief who only appears so far in the online game on the La Dee Da website. One of the missions involves you (as Dee) having to chase her to the end of the level, then grabbing her so that she'll stop stealing the item the character your helping needs (Bows, Cotton Candy, Seashells for example)
  • Airport Worker - A Woman who appears during the second ebook as Dee convinces her with a note that Le Bun is to come with them so that she wouldn't be forced to leave him behind.


For relatives of the girls!


  • Dee's Grandmother - Dee's Grandmother was the one who taught Dee to sew and inspired her to become a fashion designer. It is never stated if she is living or deceased, but Dee did mention that she made her pincushion bracelet out of her grandmother's original pincushion she used when sewing as a tribute item.
  • Dee's Mother - Not much has been said as of yet, other then that she is a chef.
  • Sloane's Mother - mentioned once in Sloane's Garden Tea Party booklet. They had moved to the aparment building because of her work. 


  • Tylie has only mentioned him once or twice and seems to think lowly of him, even naming him the most unfashionable person in the entire world! But his love of manga and comics has inspired her to make a wonderful anime styled design. So while visiting Japan she plans to get him a wonderful gift in return. It's unknown if he is older or younger then her.