Well I thought topics related to the polls would be a little bit fun. So tell me, if you were in the Juicy Crush line,
Juicy Crush
describe... well you know, everything XD

I've made a small guide of things to answer, just be honest, speak your mind, comment on other replies, unleash that creative flow!

also, I realized now that I forgot Raspberry...

If anyone responds, I plan to draw your ideas so make sure your descriptive :3

Things To Answere

  • Fruit
  • Drink Color
  • Straw color
  • (optional) Name
  • Hair style and color
  • Eye and skin coloring
  • (optional) Make up
  • Outfit design
  • Other (any other facts you wanna add basically)

My Answers

  • Fruit: Strawberry
  • Drink Color: A pale shade of pink, or deep red
  • Straw: Pink or green
  • Name: Strawberry Smiles, Strawberry Sweety, I could think up a whoooole bunch...
  • Hair Style and Color: My normal hairstyle but bright pink with streaks of either white, or my normal hair color through it.
  • Eyes and Skin: Gray eyes and pale skin
  • Make Up: I don't really like make up so it wouldn't be too bright or flashy. Maybe just light lipstick with some pretty sparkly strawberries around the eye.
  • Outfit: Well there's a cute gothic strawberry outfit I really like in a game I have, so it'd be a modified version of this basically. Plus bright green, bushy styled hairclips, strawberry earings, red boots or sandals, cute stockings. 

My Friends Answers

  • Fruit: Raspberry
  • Drink Color: Magenta
  • Straw: Light purple or red
  • Name: Raspberry Delight
  • Hair Color and Style:
  • Eye and Skin: Dark skin, though just tanned a bit. Soft brown or deep purple eyes.
  • Make Up:
  • Outfit: